Complex Income Mortgages

Just because your income is “complex”, it doesn’t meant that you can’t get the mortgage you need.  Lenders have many ways to assess your income and we can show you just how straight forward this can be.  You may not think you fit the “normal” income profile but lenders have a broad range of different income assessments and we will help you


For many clients that are technically self-employed, but are paid a fixed rate of income, either per year, per day, per session, per hour or per week, lenders can offer a very simplified way of calculating income without the need to see company profit and loss accounts or personal tax returns. These occupations can range from I.T contractors to Doctors, Technicians and everything in between.

Company Directors

If you own more than 10% of a company, you could be treated as self-employed by a lender. However, lenders also understand that you may be entitled to other income from the business including salary, dividends and a share of the net profit of the business even if you did not draw this as income.

C.I.S Sub-Contractors

Although self-employed, some lenders can treat construction industry scheme (C.I.S) workers as employed and can average the last 3 months or even the last 12 months C.I.S vouchers as evidence of your income.

Zero Hours Contracts

If you enjoy the flexibility of a zero hours contract and have been doing this for at least 12 months, or at least 6 months with a track record of employment history prior to this, your income is likely to be acceptable to a lender. Zero hours are more popular than ever so this does not prevent you from applying for a mortgage.

1 Year Self-Employment

Most lenders want to see a 2 year track record for self-employment however, if you have 1 years self-employment and a 2 year track record in the same industry prior to taking the leap to run your own business, it is likely that a lender may be able to help.

2nd Jobs

If you have been working 2 jobs for at least 6 months, then, subject to this being sustainable in the eyes of the lender, it is likely that lenders could accept 100% of the income from both jobs.

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