Why Use A Mortgage Broker


When it’s time to get a mortgage, or remortgage your home, the options can seem endless. With calculators and comparisons on many websites, it’s difficult to know what products are going to be available to you, and work best for you in the long term. 


Allegro Mortgages have over 50 years of experience helping people find a mortgage product that fits their needs. A mortgage is a long-term financial commitment, so having an experienced advisor by your side is one of the most sensible choices you can make whilst you decide. By working with a mortgage broker, you’ll have access to: 


Conversations with experienced, qualified experts

Our advisors have many years experience arranging mortgages within a variety of Mortgage Market sectors including, New build, remortgage, Buy to Let and 2nd hand property purchases.  This enables our advisors to provide the very best advice in what is an ever changing market. We not only deal with mortgages every day, but have an understanding of the current market conditions to be able to suggest options that have the best outcomes for you. 


Access to a wide range of products 

When you’re using an online calculator, you’re limiting your options. Banks only have access to their own products; they don’t have the ability to compare their products with other lenders. Even comparison sites will show you the most competitive, relatable rates, however in some cases are out of date and do not take into account any criteria that could prevent you from being eligible for that product. Mortgage brokers like us are part of one of the largest financial advice networks in the country. 


Knowledge of the lending criteria needed 

We don’t want you to waste your time applying for mortgages that may not be available to you. Some mortgage products are dependant on certain criteria, such as income, property EPC status or your profession. We’ll be able to help make sure that everything you’re considering is a viable option for you. 


The ability to test out options quickly 

Our customers often find the initial discussion the most useful in their mortgage or remortgage journey. During this time, we are able to discuss your current situation, and test out different variables such as Loan to Value amounts or interest rates, to understand what ‘the best product’ truly means for you. We’ll be able to see hidden costs such as product fees, that can mean a good deal isn’t all it seems! 


Personalised advice 

Once we’ve got to know you and your circumstances, the Allegro mortgage advisors are able to give you advice based on your own needs. Online tools don’t always take into account the finer details such as your other monthly outgoings or special rates. This bespoke level of service will be provided to you by a mortgage advisor. 


Support at every stage

Mortgages aren’t just a click of a button! We’ll be with you through the whole process, from the initial check to an agreement in principle, all the way through to mortgage completion. If you have any questions or concerns throughout, your dedicated Allegro adviser is there to help. 


When it comes to getting a mortgage, or remortgaging your home, using a mortgage advisor often ends up becoming the cheapest option. Any fee they charge is often mitigated by the savings of a better offer, a lower monthly payment or a saving in the product fees. The finer details are always worth understanding and talking through with somebody who can offer advice based on knowledge. 


If you’re looking to remortgage or purchase a home, Allegro Mortgages can help. We treat your mortgage like it’s our own, and offer individual advice that’s built around your needs.